Office works

The brief was to increase sales, specifically with student's for office works, and while doing that, create a strong link with the audience, convincing them that office works should be their go to place for all their study and school supply needs

The execution was to create a 'button' which could be stuck on any service, due to their sticky backs, that can be linked to your phone or laptop through wifi, and then placed near a product, like a printer or where ever you might keep your notebooks. Each button has a small logo on it, so you can associate what goes with what and what goes where. The button with a printer, obviously goes with the printer.

When you run out of that particular supply, like printer ink, you simply press the button, and it will automatically order more for you, saving all the usual steps, time and effort.

I also designed a app for the phone and smart watch, that allows you to set up each of the buttons, and choose which brand/product you want each button to order when pressed.

The brief also mentioned wanting to create a presence at open days and similar events and uni. It would be very simply to include a button, and instructions along with information for buying more in a 'show bag'. The buttons would be cheap enough to give away, and for people to buy more, as they're not designed to make huge profits on the buttons them selfs, but instead on the products they sell.