The Big Day Out

The campaign brief

was to revive a failed, or failing brand

The execution

The problem we identified for Big Day Out was that it was too expensive for a one day event, multi-day festivals became more appealing for the 18+ audience and headliners weren’t up to date. It is also these multi-day 18+ festivals that proved to be the main competitors causing the demise of BDO.

Our strategy is to bring back Big Day Out so more Australians can see their favourites acts and get the festival experience without having to organise and pay for a full weekend away. We have identified our target audience as 15-25 year olds, where BDO will either be their first musical festival, or they are returning to what was their first festival. We described her as Hannah. I am Hannah, a single 18 year old uni student who lives at home in the South-Eastern suburbs. I work casually at Bonds and socialise as much as I can with my different groups of friends. I have a significant social media presence and post often. Because I post so much, I think it’s important to have a different outfit each time i go out, and will rarely wear the same thing twice. At the moment I am saving to go overseas after this year of uni for a month. Last year I went to schoolies to celebrate and that was my first trip without my parents.